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in textbooks. it's the question asked in texas so what does it mean for the rest of the nation? >> forget don't mess with texas. members of the scientific community have a different message for the lone start state. don't mess with evolution. texas is about to approve science textbooks that might be used for the next ten years. but there are questions about how evolution will be presented. the documentary the revisionaries details how in 2009 the state board of education adopted changes that some say opened the door for creationism or intelligent design. popular science guy bill nye has been unspoken about the teaching of creationism. here he is with big think. >> i say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your -- in your world that's completely inconsistent with everything we've observed in the universe, that's fine. but don't make your kids do it. because we need them. we need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. we need engineers that can build stuff, solve problems. >> since its release last year that video last received about 6 million youtub
in texas. >> it is not the '60s any more, bob, wake up. >> excuse me. do me a huge favor. >> shut up, let me get to it. >> i'll shut up if you take back the cracker comment. i know you didn't mean it. >> that's not nice, bob. >> take back that part, then answer. >> can i answer that? in the counties in certain parts of texas and north carolina where these new voting id laws will disenfranchise blacks, they're crackers. >> why are majority of blacks -- >> i didn't say everybody in the south, i said people in the counties. >> you didn't need to use that term to begin with. >> anybody that's for voter id is a cracker? is anybody? >> what do you mean for voter id. >> for voter id, are they crackers? that makes a lot of black people crackers. >> i said when the supreme court -- >> i can't believe we're saying that over and over. >> what is so offensive. >> it is like the "n" word, bob, trying to give you an out here. >> you're trying to give me an out. >> yeah. >> first of all, nobody expects me to say -- >> bob -- >> don't try to save me. >> i am going to try to save you, i want you on anothe
the situation. the department of justice going after the state of texas again. attorney general eric holder determined to allow voting nationwide without requiring identification. kansas secretary of state chris kovach among our guests. and the end of the road is near for the self -- self-proclaimed hugger. san diego mayor. bradley manning wants to be chesley as he pursues tax payer funded gender reassignment their peak from is leavenworthrison cell. the "a-team" takes the ball of that and a great deal more. we begin tonight with another possible reason the president's foreign policy is so incoherent and ineffective that members of his own administration seem uninformed. today's state department news featured a shocking contradiction from spokesperson jan saki. take a listen. >> the red line is the use of c.w. cover chemical weapons. that was crossed a couple of months ago. the president took action which we talked about the time. lou: confident in her assessment that syria had already crossed that red line. the obama administration and responded. until a few ments later when she offered up
in china affect your cell phone bill? or how a hospital in texas could drive up your healthcare premium? i'll make the connections from the news to your money real. >> it is a desperate gamble for millions of immigrants trying to cross the u.s.-mexico border. people will risk their own lives even that of their children for the opportunity. america tonight's rob reynolds traveled to the border areas to hear from the survivors about their challenges. some of the images in the stories they tell may be disturbing. >> reporter: a corner of the cemetery in texas is set aside for th the lost and left behind. these are the graves of unknown migrants from mexico and central america who died lonely deaths in the bad lands of south texas. >> it's horrible. it's senseless death. i don't really understand it. >> reporter: vinnie martinez is chief deputy sheriff of brooks county last year he reported well over 100 dead migrants. today numbers are on trend to exceed that. >> from year-to-date we're 92% increase from 2012. we had 129 in 2012. we see the influx. we see the volume high on pedestrians marker
independently verified. in texas today, speaking to veterans, the vice president continued the drum beat to punish bashar al assad. >> there's no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> reporter: the white house is not waiting for a report from the u.n. chemical weapons team that finally got to the attack site monday. officials tell nbc news, they have intelligence intercepts, tying the attack to the regime. plus physical evidence. >> we know the regime maintains custody of the chemical weapons in syria, and uses the types of rockets that were used to deliver chemical weapons on august 21st, the opposition does not. >> reporter: british prime minister david cameron cut short his holiday to call a special session of parliament thursday. >> what we've seen in syria are appalling scenes of death and suffering because of the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. i don't believe we can let that stand. >> reporter: russia's vladimir putin interrupted a meeting to take a call from the british prime minister. putin is still blockin
be challenged in textbooks. it's the question asked in texas so what does it mean for the rest of the nation? >> forget don't mess with texas. members of the scientific community have a different message for the lone start state. don't mess with evolution. texas is about to approve science textbooks that might be used for the next ten years. but there are questions about how evolution will be
in houston, texas, he says there is no doubt that they were used, were these chemical weapons, and there is little doubt who used them. >> for we know that the syrian regime, the only ones who have the weapons have used chemical weapons multiple times in the past, have the means of delivering those weapons, have been determined to wipe out exactly the places that were attacked by chemical weapons. >> all indications point to a cruise missile attack of some sort, perhaps arias sets, allied arias sets as well. we don't know when or who, that coalition is still forming. we don't know what the end goal is. all we do know is what jay carney said today. we know what it's not. >> we are also very much engaged in an effort to support the opposition in its struggle with the assad regime, as the assad regime continues to try to massacre it's a own people in an effort to maintain power. and it's our firm conviction -- [ inaudible ] but this deliberation and the actions that we are contemplating are not about regime change. >> of course two years ago, president obama called for assad to g
department announced they were going to sue the state of texas over the voter i.d. law texas republicans put into place after the supreme court decision. a federal court in texas is reviewing the justice department's complaint. while that review goes on, the voter i.d. law in texas is going into effect. there's a fascinating little test case that's going to play out there this week. this is the ballot for a local city council race in the city of edinburg, texas. this tiny local election is going to be the first one in the state that will be held under the state's strict new voter i.d. laws. opponents of the law are planning to watch that election very closely to see what effect this new voter i.d. law has on the ability of minority residents to turn out and vote. the fight is also on right now in north carolina. that state's new voter suppression law is seen as even more draconian than the one passed in texas that the federal government is suing over right now. the north carolina law, and all of the national coverage of that law, has kicked up a wave of opposition in the state. last thursday
against the use of what's left of the voting rights act against voter i.d. laws in texas, what does that tell you about where this debate is going looking at the president's address tomorrow? >> well, sensenbrenner did say yesterday at a meeting that the rnc held to commemorate the march on washington that he wanted to be part of a solution on the voting rights act, and he vowed to fix the law by the end of this year which i think is significant. far too many leaders in the republican party have been silent at a time when there's a wave of new voter suppression measures all throughout the south. we have seven southern state that have passed our or implemented new voting restrictions since june bht supreme court gutted the voting rights act. this is a crisis situation. we're seeing the biggest threat to right is that we've seen since the passage of the voting rights act in 1995. >> jonathan, what do you make of that, that sensenbrenner who has a good record is saying we've got do something but not on voter i.d.? >> well on, the one hand it shows leadership. there's a glimmer of leade
. it appears we may hear from the 42-year-old before his punishment is handed down. live with us from the texas army post is heidi zhou-castro. hassan admitted to the shootings, but has he shown remorse since the proceedings began? >> no remorse whatsoever. he was emotionalless. yesterday as we heard one after another, family members of the victims talking about their unmeasurable loss. hassan declined to cross those relatives, using that soft spoken measured voice. now, there was any indication of what was going on underneath that masked exterior, he did ask for frequent breaks between the testimony, perhaps some sign of disquiet. meanwhile, elsewhere in the courtroom, you couldn't find one pair of dry eyes, because this testimony was so moving. we heard about children growing up without their fathers, we heard from one man who lost not only his daughter, but also the grandchild that was in her womb, so obviously, very moving, heart-breaking testimony that appeared to move everyone in the courtroom, everyone but hassan. morgan. >> you mentioned this emotional testimony. what's the likelihood h
injection. a jury in texas is hearing more testimony in the penalty phase of nidal hasan. heidi joe castro joins us live from fort hood, texas. what are they saying, what are you hearing? >> hey, del, we're finding out why yesterday court was mysteriously dismissed early. apparently hasan has personal hygienish yous that prevented him from being present [ technical difficulties ] he was paralyzed from the chest down as a result of being taken down during the shooting, and he depends on caretakers for his every need. in court this morning he was back, and he was his usual no emotion or reforce face. and meanwhile we're hearing more emotional testimony from the government's witnesses. one of the survivors who was shot twice by hasan. he talked about how his military career was ended by those injuries, and even today with his ptsd, he can't go into a pharmacy, because the chairs lined up in the waiting area take him right back to the day of the shooting. we also heard from a witness who talked about her young daughter who wanted to join the army to take down bin laden, her death is quote an i
. not necessarily over here towards texas unfortunately. you can expect to see some localized flood ago cross the region, but across much of the gulf state such as mobile or new orleans, all se you'll see bettr weather. atlanta 87 on tuesday. really not look too bad through the week and should be dry, temperatures are going to be climb on the ground friday to about 92 degrees there. i spoke about the heat. this is the majority where it's going to be across the central portions of texas. and also to the north. where the rain end up there towards the north, that's where it will be quite warm. we'll see temperatures in texas and dallas at about 98 degrees, but take a look at your 5-day forecast. one off four degrees on thursday, really not much better as we go towards the weekend but plenty of sunshine in the forecast. >> he was acquitted in the shooting death of a florida teen. and now george zimmerman wants the state to pay big bucks for his legal fees. and a deadly train crash in mexico may be the work of thieves. looking to make some pretty quick cash. a helping hand, as the japanese governm
menor de 4 aÑos, cobrÓ una vida en texas, la vÍctima su hermana menor, el pequeÑo se apoderÓ de llaves de la camioneta de su padre, echÓ a andar el vehÍculo, atropellÓ a la bebÉ de 16 meses de nacida, todo ocurriÓ con rapidez dijo un vecino, que a pesar de esfuerzoso los padres no tuvieron tiempo de evitarlo. una lesbiana hispana en california, decidiÓ poner a prueba su derecho de solicitar la residencia permanente para su c cÓnyuge indocumentada, veamos. >>> tras 9 aÑos de una relaciÓn sentimental, esmeralda y rosalba dice que nunca fueron tan felices como hoy, se casaron la semana pasada en san francisco, esmeralda, ciudadana de estados unidos, le pidiÓ formalmente a inmigraciÓn que le otorgue la residencia permanente a rosalba. >>> me siento muy bien. muy satisfecha, y feliz sobre todo, muy realizada. >>> tengo casi 19 aÑos en este paÍs. he pasado muchas tristezas. >>> esmeralda de origen de guatemala, y rosalba mexicana, estÁn entre las primeras parejas homosexuales que solicitan el cambio de estatus migratorio. luego del cambio de leyes de inmigraciÓn de estados uni
times over. sure there is speculation in all this. >> thank you. measles outbreak in a texas megachurch has spread to 21 people. health officials in the state are trying to contain the outbreak by hosting vaccination clinics. all the cases are linked to the eagle mountain international church in ne new nework, texas. we spoke with the director for the centers of decease control and prevention about the outbreak. robert joins us live from inside the cdc, heads quarters in atlanta, and what was said to you, robert? >> reporter: tony, good to be here. i can say this coming from inside the cdc here there is concern, so much that the director, dr. thomas freedan was made available to us. here's exactly what he told us. >> even though we have >> the problem is with the situation in texas according to health officials most people were not immunized. the video is that you have folks four months to 44 years who now have the measles disease, and the cdc is concerned as well as people on the ground there. >> robert, thank you. >>> some people call it gray hound therapy or patient dumping. it's whe
the dusty towns of texas all the way to trump tower. he's not eligible to be our country's head of state. that was only the beginning. next came the effort to delegitimize the people who put him in office. can't let that happen again. so the word went forward to three dozen states that the best way to keep future obamas out of the white house is to keep african-americans and young people who don't think that much about race out of the voting booth. a couple more things. got to kill any evidence we ever had an african-american president. got to get that obama care off the books. ted cruz will shut down the u.s. government to get that job done. finally, why not? let's impeach the guy. let's run him out of town on a rail. let's tar and feather him. let's really mess up that record by putting the word into the history books, there was talk of impeachment on his watch, even if they can't find a reason for it, unless it's one big fat reason everyone sees. it's the number on his back, 44. how do way get into the books that this guy really wasn't president? if we can't convince people he came fr
story on tv and online. hi, my name is jonathan betz, and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history. al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing. ♪ >>> a new development monday at america's once mighty retailer jcpenney. bill akman is dumping his shares in the company, 39 million of them. last week i told you how he used his influence to bring in ron johnson to remake jcpenney. now it's stock is down more than 30% this year alone. ron johnson is long gone, and akman has pie in his face, so he is selling his shares. so the saga of one of america's great retail icons continues. let's talk about water. the battle over water is forcing s
. and james farmer, who had attended college in texas and howard university. worked with the n.a.a.c.p. and later became the head of corps the congress racial equality. and roy wilkins head of the n.a.a.c.p. grew up in minnesota. he was a warrior he was a fighter. and then young martin luther king, jr.. born in georgia, man that i admired, i loved. he was my inspiration. >> and then you? myself. the youngster. i was young. i was really young. so i grewvc:÷ up very poor in rl alabama and growing up, i saw the signs that said white men, colored men, white women, colored women. and i come and ask my mother and my father and my grandparents why? and they said that is the way it is. don't get in the way. don't get in trouble. i was 15 years old in 1955. i heard of rosa parks. i heard the words of martin luther king, jr. on the radio. the action of rosa parks and the words and leadership of dr. king inspired me. i was deeply inspired and i wanted to do something. i wanted to bring down the signs. >> john f. kennedy was not a fan of thicd march originally. >> he did not like the idea
is it being linked to a texas megachurch? >>> then a historic building that played a huge role in richard nixon's downfall is about to be destroyed. we'll tell you which one and why. >>> and before the scenes photos of the night dzhokhar tsarnaev was arrested, we'll show you them later in the show. she loves a lot of the same things you do. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, see
be the first to be executed in more than 50 years. the trial got underway today in texas a jury found hasan guilty, the deadliest mass shooting ever on a u.s. military installation. hasan is still acting as his own attorney. >> a former private investigator serving time for corruption testified against an office year accused of assisting with phony drunk driving stingz. and prosecutors accused him of helping christopher butler set up drunk driving busts. clients were women qog through proceedings who wanted to gain an advantage over husbands. >> two people intrn arrested for what pleers calling a revenge robbery. the 24-year-old charged with stealing $20,000 last week. he worked at the store and knew the combination. police say he wore a mask but spoke to his exboss before the heist. also taken into custody a 22-year-old who had half of the cash but used some to bail belling housen out of jail. >> coming up two bay area people joined a march on washington. >> how it's aff shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve
will see some storms today. there will also be rain in the northeast. florida, texas and the northwest. >> seattle will get to 72. portland will reach 79 degrees. phoenix goes back over the 100-degree mark. 90s through the center of the country. 85 in new york. 80 degrees in boston. >>> new this morning, we're hearing former president gerald ford for the first time ever about the 1975 assassination attempt against him. it happened in sacramento, while ford was shaking hands near the california statehouse. ford testified behind closed doors. and his testimony was used in the case against the would-be assassin, lynnette squeaky fromme. he talked about seeing a gun in the crowd. >> the weapon was large. it covered all or most of her hand, as far as i could see. and i only saw it instantaneously because almost automatically, one of the secret service agents lunged, grabbed the hand and the weapon. >> ford's testimony was released yesterday but a federal court. the gun never fired. she was convicted and served 30 years in prison. >>> something new at the golden arches. wait until you hear w
the corner of north texas and marigold facing the apartment complex the fire is coming down towards from highway 80 towards north texas. >> and are you in a position to see several homes? what are you looking at? >> what i can see burned on marigold out of my view. >> it's a working town. a lot of folks might not know what is going on in the neighborhood. >> well, about five minutes heading to sacramento. >> of course, are you near this area? >> it's actually less maybe two miles. >> there is a tremendous amount of smoke. mostly it's close to the grass. i can
issues signed into law in north carolina. the justice department is going to sue texas over its state's voter i.d. law. tell all of us, during that meeting yesterday, did president obama signal he plans to bring up these new efforts to restrict voting rights when he delivers his speech tomorrow? >> he didn't share that he was bringing this up in his speech. he shared with us his passion for maintaining equal opportunities for everyone as it relates to voting and getting to the ballot box, leading a level playing field so everyone has an equal opportunity to get to the polls. he did not share that is he is putting that in business speech but you could feel hess passion about it. >> you got some insight into this from valerie jarrett. she says it gives the president a chance to reflect on the 50 years what that speech meant to him and how far our nation has come and where he sees our nation going and we want people to feel a sense of responsibility to take that baton and run with it. the president a toddler 2 years old when the speech was given but it's been important to him growing up
aren't diagnosed until it's too late. researchers at university of texas leak lt at 4,000 post men pausal women looking for krechlt ampblt-125. a known tumor marker. of the seven women whose cancers were diagnosed as a result of the test, all cancers were detected at an early stage. >>> back in a moment with the cutest story of the day. [ male announcer ] at sizzler... it's back for a limited time! fire grilled steak and golden all-you-can-eat shrimp for an incredible $9.99! only at sizzler! >>> take a look. monterrey bay aquarium releases photos of the newest edition. this penguin chick born 11 days ago. the fourth ever to be born at the aquarium. he or she is currently on display in the splash zone but will be moved behind the scene when he leaves the nest. >>> i love the splash zone. i could spend the whole day there. >> time to go back to school now, so -- >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye! >>> on the broadcast tonight -- plan of attack? the u.s. now says it is undeniable that syria used chemical weapons on its own people. the secretary of state call
for almost a year outside their comfort zones. lady douglas is from amarillo, texas. >> god totally broke down every part of me, every inch of me. >> jesus, i thank you so much for this day. thank you so much for the way that you provided for us throughout this trip, god. >> kristin hendrix is from norman, oklahoma. >> i have grown up in a christian home and in a christian school, to where that is all i have been surrounded with. i wasn't able to truly make my faith my own. >> george: and kara crenshaw is from jackson, tennessee. >> after high school, i was kind of, like, tired of being in a classroom. you're in a classroom for 13 years, and you're expected to go to college right after that. i wanted to get out and see the world. >> george: the teenagers signed up with camp kegel, a colorado-based christian organization that encourages students to take a year off from school, in between high school and college. harvard, yale, and princeton are among the champions of these experiences. luke paris directs campkeeper's program. >> we tell students you're making an investment in a year that i
a joke. but it's a statement from a group of atheists. the texas tech student is the first person in the country allowed to wear in headgear in a legal i.d. photo. i thought it was a remake of cloudy with a side of meatballs. >> we'll end on that note. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the newsroom," emmy-nominated actor jeff daniels, from "the view," sherri shepherd, the music of quinn sullivan and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hello, ladies. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." oh, it's nice to be back. thank you. thank you very much. well, folks -- some good news. some good news. that huge wildfire at yosemite national park is now
doing drugs. we went from a nice out in texas to nothing. the next step in the process is they get linked up with a volunteer. this is the heart and soul of the public connect. we greet clients. shake their hands. ask them to follow us and talk to them as we bring them to the hall and lead them to the first station. you find they are humbling on both sides. humbling for me. it's a great opportunity to give the folks the respect they deserve and don't get enough of. >> these are the people we step over on the way to our jobs. i was thankful to the mayor. our jobs are about helping people. this is another way for us to give back to our community that treats us very well. i like the way they take you around to get you started. that's nice. they let you go and thoser the different things you need. >> are you with a program, now? >> i was a long time -- >> you want a job search? >> career planning [inaudible]. you are interested in getting into the trades? and that is where they will double check your trading skills you got and put you on a crew and you can do construction work or
to publish a tell-all book. >>> turning to health news for you -- one church in texas is at a tricky crossroads after an outbreak of the meeseles. the eagle mountain international church is being linked to at least 21 cases of the disease. it's the same church where leaders have warned against vaccines. they site the debunked theory that they cause autism. they are now hosting vaccination clinics to try to stop it from spreading. the senior pastor is now encouraging everyone to get vaccinated unless you have got it covered by faith. >> announcer: "early today" health is brought to you by vagisil ph balance wash. >>> let's get our business news now with jackie deangeles. >> president obama will likely name former treasure secretary larry summers as the next fed chairman in a few weeks. summers would replace ben bernanke who is expected to step down before his term ends in january. >>> starbucks ceo howard schultz says they won't follow in other companies' footsteps, cutting benefits. the law requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide coverage to those who work 30 hours
school kids on football fields. it's still 95 to 100 from texas to minneapolis. >> hydrate, be safe. >>> coming up on the top of the hour, "morning joe," a team is back, willie, barnacle, mika, joe. the white house is weighing its actions to chemical weapons and use in syria. what's on the table and what could impact that decision. when we come back here, we have the cooler. canadian reporter advocating women's rights and she's not afraid to show a little skin to make her point. we'll be right back. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare! the house caught fire and we were out on the streets. [ whispering ] shhh. it's only a dream. and we have home insurance. but if we made a claim, our rate would go up... [ whispering ] shhh. you did it right. you have allstate claim rate guard so your rates won't go up just because of a claim. [ whispering ] are we still in a dream? no, you're in an allstate commercial. so get allstate home insurance with claim rate guard... [ whispering ] goodnight. there are so many people in our bedroom. [ dennis ] talk to an allstate agent... [ doorbell rings ] .
throughout the day, we urge you to visit our website, >>> a meesel's outbreak at a texas mega church has now spread to at least 21 people. health officials are trying to contain the outbreak by hosting vaccination clinics. doctors say a visitor who became infected with measles likely spread it to the rest of the church. most of the members did not have their measles vaccinations. >>> a new school year means a new start for those who survived the sandy hook elementary school shooting last year. they are going to classes at middle sdmool a neighboring town. task force approved plans to tear down the old school, which was the scene of the deadly massacre. the new one is going to be built on the same spot pending approval i will residents. >>> crews battling california wildfires are finally making some progress. the rim fire, which has been burning for ten days covers more than 250 square miles. that is about the size of the city of chicago. while the fire continues to grow, it is, now, 20% contained. and yosemite's fire chief says they have the blaze boxed in. more good news offi
: a corner of the cemetery in texas is set aside for th the lost and left behind. these are the graves of unknown migrants from mexico and central america who died lonely deaths in the bad lands of south texas. >> it's horrible. it's senseless death. i don't really understand it. >> reporter: vinnie martinez is chief deputy sheriff of brooks county last year he reported well over 100 dead migrants. today numbers are on trend to exceed that. >> from year-to-date we're 92% increase from 2012. we had 129 in 2012. we see the influx. we see the volume high on pedestrians markers coming through the brush. >> reporter: an impoverished crumbling town near the mexican border. but the checkpoint just south of town is the last barrier for migrants to dallas and beyond. human smugglers have found ways to evade the checkpoint. migrants rush out of the smugglers' vehicles and hide in the bush. then he they are led on a long march through miles of rough country. anyone who can't keep up or gets hurt or sick is left behind. and most of those people simply never make it out of the forest alive. these p
. there is going to be rain in several areas around the great lakes, texas, florida, northwest. and for most of the northeast. and there is the three hs, hazy, hot, humid across the middle of the country. >> 93 in chicago. 97 in omaha. 98 in dallas. phoenix over the 100 degree mark. 85 in new york. the northwest in the 70s. >> overseas now to another major story we're following this morning. the growing crisis in syria and the u.s. on the verge of intervening. after a u.n. weapons inspection team visited the scene of the last week's apparent attack, secretary of state john kerry says now chemical weapons were used against the syrian people last week. and he says president bashar al assad's regime destroyed the evidence. >> the indiscriminately slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> with that the u.s. is now planning military action against the assad regime with three key allies, britain, france and turkey say that they will back military response with or without a u.n. mandate. >> george zimmerman plans t
hood texas. he was convicted last week. jurors are considering the death penalty or life in prison. the last time the u.s. military executed a soldier was back in 1961. hassan killed 13 of his fellow unarmed soldiers and injured more than 30 others at that texas army base. >> a newly released videotape shows eyewitness testimony in the 1975 assassination attempt on president gerald ford. that testimony coming from the president himself. the videotape shows ford answering questions about the attempt. a jury convicted lynette, squeaky fromme. this is the first time a sitting president has ever given oral testimony in a trial. >> she was three to four feet from me when i first noticed her. she appeared to want to come married. i had the impression she did come forward. i didn't see the precise movement. i stopped, because i had the impression she wanted to speak to me or shake my hand, and as i moved to either shake hands or speak to her, i then notice said the gun. as i indicated, it in her hand was approximately two feet from it. >> now ford videotaped that testimony for use in sque
, you can see west texas crude is up almost 3%. the international benchmark will be what emerging markets will struggle with and benchmark more likely to be impacted by any military action in the gulf. let's get to rick santelli for more on the two-year auction. >> well, first, it was 34 billion. we've been doing packages including the 2-year of $35 million, you have to go to october of '08 to find one less than 35. two-year notes, the yield at auction 3.86, exactly where it needed to price. the wi market was 39 basis points offered at 38.5. the last several have been very close to three. 3.21 is a little below. that's the current bid to cover but it's still better than last several auctions. we saw indirects at 19.3 versus 29% and right about on spot with directs at 26.1 versus 4. dealers took 54.5% of the auction. it gets a c. very average, solid pricing but weak on the internals. tomorrow of course, we'll have 35 billion five-year notes and many were surprised it wasn't more aggressive considering what's in the news today. >> i am surprised as well. thank you so much, ricky. de
. >> trace: just minutes ago the army psychiatrist whom jurors convicted of killing 13 people at a texas army post in 2009, rested his case without addressing the court. major nadal hasan indicated he would not call any witnesses in his sentencing phase, but it was not clear if he would make a statement. again, he didn't. and now those jurors are one step closer to deciding whether hasan will die for his crimes or spend the rest of his life in prison. casey stegal is live for us at fort hood. what happened? >> this one was a little surprising, i have to say, when the judge gave major hasan the floor, he simply said, the defense rests and that's what he said in the findings faces of the court-martial last week. some thought this would be his opportunity to talk today because in the sentencing phase there are far less restrictions if he decided to speak. meaning he could have even made some type of a statement without even taking an oath. instead of a question and answer format like he would have been required to do had he spoken last week. and many thought this would be his opportunity to expl
before you begin an aspirin regimen. >>> leaders of a texas megachurch have experienced a different kind of epiphany, not about the spirit, but about the body. the church north of fort worth is now backing measles vaccinations after an outbreak hit the congregation. this is church video of a sermon asking people to go ahead and get the shot. the local health department reports so far 16 cateses are linked to eagle mountain after a visitor who was from overseas attended the service. kenneth copeland once cast doubt over immunizations. >> immunity, vaccination, spiritual induced immunity from sickness and disease. >> while the fort worth star telegram said copeland as recently as four years ago prepared, quote, that parents should be skep at the call and don't take the word of the guy that's giving the shot. even during a recent service when advising church members to get vaccinated kenneth copeland's daughter quoted a doctor on "believers voice of victory." >> i believe it's wrong to be against vaccinations. the concerns we have had are primarily with very young children who have family h
,000 syrians were hurt by the gas and more than 300 killed. joining us from austin, texas, fox news analyst karl rove. if you were a.b. advising president obama tonight as did you with president bush years ago. what would you suggest you do? >> well, the administration faces five big questions. the first and most important question is: do you act or not act. the president two years ago said asass -- president assad needed to go, he didn't act. a year ago, he said the red line would be the use of chemical weapons on the anniversary of that statement, the syrians use chemical weapons. the first question is act or not act. i think you have to act. >> bill: and he will act. he has to. >> then the question gets to be do you do more or do you do less? i worry about us only have four destroyers in the eastern mediterranean. it's one thing to launch tomahawk crews missiles from those destroyers. i think the administration needs to do more rather than less. they do two little and the syrians and yawnians say we used poison gas and we got away with a slap on the wrist. i would lien towards doing mor
.d. hurdles in texas. d.o.j. is not going to do that. and it can't barter with a member of congress over lawsuits in order to get a law passed. now, contrast this whole exchange to another moderate republican, colin powell, who understands that voter i.d. laws are the civil rights and voter discrimination issue of our time. >> you didn't need a photo i.d. for decades before. is it really necessary now? and they claim there's widespread abuse and voter fraud. but nothing documents, nothing substantiates that. there isn't widespread abuse. and so these kinds of procedures that are being put in place to slow the process down and make it likely that fewer hispanics and african-americans might vote i think are going to backfire because these people are going to come out and do what they have to do in order to vote. and i encourage that. >> joining me now, msnbc political analyst steve schmidt and karen finney, host of msnbc's "disrupt." steve, i want to go to you. you've talked about the fact that many republicans have accepted a sort of mythology of voter fraud and gotten really obsessed wit
that. speakers 13 states with the highest appellation. texas, california, the midwest, new york, new england, the mid-atlantic. so there are a lot of market cap involved because there's a lot of population with capital investment in those states. even in the regulated states where your power is that, still causing regulatory issues with how people pay for power. cheryl: let me ask you about the deal side of this. free power for the weekend, nights, doing laundry on the weekends. that seems good for the consumer but not really a win for the companies. our customers getting into this, are they biting on the dealmaking basically what is happening in the 15 states? >> it depends. one third of what they pay for gasoline. the savings even if you're getting 10 or 15% savings for some consumers, that may not be big enough enticement. take advantage of differentials in demand. night and weekend not a lot of demand for power. they can afford to give away some free power on the night and weekend when power is not very expensive in order to make their money during the week and during high times.
talk to senior political editor mark murray. >>> pl >>> plus, a measlesout break tied to a texas church that's been critical of vaccinations in the past. >> we can get vaccinated in faith. the main thing is stay in faith whatever you do. >> what the church is saying in response to that outbreak. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. where would you go?iving away a trip every day. [ woman ] hop on over! woman: 'greece.' woman 2: 'i want to go to bora bora.' man: 'i'd always like to go to china.' anncr: download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. >>> as military intervention in syria becomes less a matter of if but of when, president obama and his national security team are looking at the options, laying out a plan for a surgical strike on syrian soil. among the options before the president are man fighter aircraft, cruise
that required preclearance for localities with a history of discrimination. texas responded by immediately passing a voter i.d. law. the administration now responded to texas by challenging their voter i.d. law based on section two of the voting rights act. how strong do you think the administration's case is, and do you think we'll see them taking similar action against other states like north carolina? >> well, the supreme court's already decided a voter i.d. case from about five or six years ago involving the state of indiana. the court hasn't gotten anymore liberal since then. the court rejected the challenge, so i think it's pretty unlikely that challenge is going to win. you're going to have to demonstrate that this is having a significant effect on minority voters. you're going to have to prove, perhaps, this is intentionally motivated to have that effect. and the supreme court has already been pretty skeptical about the argument. so i don't think that claim is going to get vindicated in the court any time soon, unless there's a change in their composition of the court. striking dow
cruz where he comes from, texas the highest rate of uninsured in the country. is it even conceivable his stand to take down this health care ta could help so many texans, is there any way this could be popular in texas? >> well, unfortunately, it really is. if you look at the road to economic mobility, it is a pot mark filled with sinkholes today. it would be people like ted cruz who don't want to the fill in that will infrastructure, who feel like they don't want to use their hard earned dollars to help other people. those other people get things like quality health care access to quality basic education. those kinds of things that would, you know, help them along this economic trail. so there's really an us versus them kind of mentality going on. unfortunately, it has taken root, you know, among grass-roots republicans. >> karen, and despite all of that, you know, to goldie's point, this is a grassroots issue. it is popular with the base. cruz is still looked at a conceivable presidential candidate. i want to read you, speaking of right on right crime is way before its time. listen
, for instance, what rick perry is doing down in texas, a different issue around obama care, he doesn't agree with obama care, but he is at the same time trying to get $100 million in obama care to take care of the elderly and disabled. so it does feel like there is some room for republicans to frame this issue in a way that works for them, in a way that resonates, because, again, this is about children. it's often about the elderly. it's often about the disabled. and this idea that the poor should be demonized, it just doesn't resonate with people. >> well, i hear you about the senator. but even a broke clock is right twice a day. thank you, nia-malika henderson and congresswoman karen bass. thank you for your time. >> thanks for having us on. >> thank you. >>> president obama will speak at the lincoln memorial at tomorrow's anniversary celebration of the march on washington. coming next, i'll speak with two activists fighting for the protection of the right to vote. >>> and more on donald trump facing a $40 million lawsuit for fraud. tonight you'll hear what some of the alleged victims are
park. it is now 20% contained. >>> health officials in texas say at least 21 cases of measles have been linked to a megachurch in newark, which is now hosting vaccination clinics. now back to "hardball." >>> i can no more disown him than i can disown the black community. i can no more disown him than i can disown my white grandmother, a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed her by on the street. and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe. >> what a statement by our president. welcome back to "hardball." then candidate barack obama facing questions back then with his relationship with the reverend jeremiah wright. made a speech in philadelphia, addressing race in this country. it's frequently cited as a turning point in his campaign. it's certainly a turning point historically. race is a topic that events have often driven the first african-american to speak about publicly, a
y nueva jersey, reciben beneficencia inicial. ganan mÁs salario inicial que un maestro. texas y la florida, los ingresos son mÁs bajos. >>> lo que demuestra que cuando le paga a la gente mÁs por no trabajar la gente desde no trabajar. >>> de los mÁs de 3 millones de niÑos, que reciben asistencia econÓmica un 35% son hispanos. >>> sin embargo, otros expertos, descalifican el anÁlisis y dicen que se trata de una manipulaciÓn de datos. >>> el ingreso que estancan can clanked ellos una madre con 2 hijos chltd beneficios del estado serÁn diferentes lo que recibe una persona soltera. >>> las cifras de katherine tiene la hipoteca asistencia de 8 programas que comprenden ayuda monetaria, mÉdica, de vivienda y alimenticia, para madres y niÑos de escasos ingresos. >>> nadie recibe beneficios de los 8 programas al mismo tiempo no es una comparaciÓn apropiada. >>> el 91% de los beneficios, fueron las familias que estaban trabajando y que bÁsicamente son familias de bajos grichb soingr. >>> el mismo estudio lo advierte al final de las casi 50 pÁginas. >>> y muchos, no reciben todos
slide but safe. 2 rbi hear. a's winzv 8-6 and texas beats seattle 8-3 and up on oakland and the west. giants hit the road for then games starting in colonel republican and democrat o. barry on the hill scary moment in the first. michael deep to right. if forgot about the wall. ball popped out. weekend up at third. look like the wind knocked out of him in the sternum but a man he stayed in the game. barry unhittable curve ball in the game the days are over. all over the kuvb. 2 run shotym to the trees. if you guessed it curve ball again low out of here in a hurry. 2 game win streak and a loss in colorado. 49ers altering the investigators todayxd they trade back outside linebacker to the saints miss all of last season with a torn tricep. did him a favor playing time was dwindling plus as we used to say too old to make too much money. l beside trieding harold son release 5 players including quarterback scott. third year player was expen expendible as mccoy and rookie daniels playing well last nature against the vikings. now not taking snap at regular season game. i think
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